Hazelnut is a precious fruit, rich in vitamin E, mono-unsatured fats able to prevent numerous cardiovascular diseases and counteract bad cholesterol, with antioxidant and hypoglycemic properties.

Our farm produces the highly appreciated hazelnut variety called Tonda Gentile Trilobata. 
Harvest takes place at the beginning of Autumn in our hill hazelnut orchards where our Ouessant sheep graze freely. They are the smallest hardy breed of sheep in the world, they almost died out at the beginning of the ‘90s. Very friendly, cute and cuddly animals, they are our ecofriendly, living mowers!
The selected hazels, shelled and toasted, are vacuumed packed to preserve their delicate aroma.
Ideal as snacks or in baked recipes, they are produced in 100gr, 200gr, 500gr or 1kg packs.


Hazelnut oil is considered to be extremely good for our health.

It is obtained by cold-pressing our roasted hazels (tonda Gentile trilobata quality), the oil is a rich source of vitamins and flavor, very aromatic and ideal with fish dishes, to dress raw meat salads and cheeses. It is produced in small bottles of 100ml.